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About Tasly Group

Our Differentiation

Tasly Products can be considered as unique in that while our approved products are based on TCM concept in terms of products formulation; all upstream activities are strictly based on the adoption of modern scientific manufacturing management systems and processes which meet and fulfill various governing international quality standards.

Tasly Group

In China, our group activities are organized under respective group companies, with major substantial investments in various operations all over China covering the following major business areas of:

Plantation for cultivation of herbal plants, introduction of many-in-house-developed plants- nurturing-quality control processes of base raw materials and in ensuring adequate supply. Set up state of the art R&D centers in China with major research collaborations with world renown universities, for example, with Keio University of Japan, Baker University in Australia and also the Medical University of Lubeck, Germany to name a few. Developed and established various marketing, distribution and logistics channels for Tasly products for the domestic market(s) within China. With regards to Tasly's manufacturing facilities, the management systems and processes put in place fully comply with the various international certification bodies quality standards and requirements.

As a modern and progressive business group, Tasly Group China remains focused in handling mainly the all important fully integrated major up-stream activities extensively in China.

Tasly Intenational

With the foresight of recognizing that in different operating markets, the local prevailing conditions are different in different countries, Tasly International was formed solely to function as our international co-coordinating marketing arm concentrating purely in promoting our MLM marketing and distribution of products in the international market via the local group company established in each country.

Currently, apart from China, Tasly Products are being marketed and distributed throughout the world in over 40 countries. Also under Tasly International, our current membership strength stands at 3 million members as of 2013.

Tasly product Approved by the FDA-IND of USA

TASLY Group actively promotes the Pan-Health industry as its primary business mission. Adopting modern TCM as its core businesses, TASLY Group has made substantial investments is a series of businesses in plantations, manufacturing of healthcare products, cosmetics, health drinks and new packaging industries. The Group started from scratch some 20 years ago and evolved into what is now, a renowned international business group. It upholds the corporate philosophy of "Harmonizing Human and Nature, Improving the Quality of Life", adhering to its mission of modernization and globalization of TCM.

TASLY Group has established numerous R&D platforms and collaborations working with various world-famous R&D institutes. Tasly Group has been accredited with GMP Certification of Australia. The Group now conducts its businesses in all of the five continents. As the recognized No.1 Modern TCM Brand, our Tasly product approved by the FDA-IND of USA and has been registered in many countries in the world. Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule is a household name in China and has been hailed as the best protection against cardiovascular diseases and is undeniably an excellent health supplement product.


R&D facilities in TASLY are made up of 5 research institutes (centers) which are our core platform. Tasly works with as well as attracts top institutes of science to be part of its Research Team working on a global basis. The system efficiently engages more new products in research and development, basic research of product marketing, strategic research in industrialization and information collation. We have established a world class R&D platform of experiments, inspections, analysis, extractions, appraisals, procedure designs, pharmacology and efficacy researches.


  • With Keio University, Japan: A study of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on microcirculation disturbances, of observing both the immediate visual and the long-term overall effects.

  • With the Medical University of Lubeck, Germany: A study on the effect of Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on increased free radicals under stress.

  • With Australian Baker University: A clinical study of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on hyperlipemia, and an experimental study of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on myocardial ischemia.


  • With the Fourth Military Medical University of PLA of China: observation by a high-resolution ultrasonic method of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on arthrosclerosis.

  • With Harbin Medical University: A study on the mechanism of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule in the treatment of coronary heart disease.

  • With the Sino-Japanese Hospital: The effect of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on the kidney or eye complication resulting from diabetes in rats.

  • With the Hospital No.254 of PLA of China: : The effect of the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on the vascular system in a condition of insulin resistence.

  • With the Hospital No.323 of PLA of China in Xi'an: a clinical on the Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule on the hepatic fibrosis.

  • Cooperation with Medical Department of Beijing University: Establishment of Beijing University-Tasly Microcirculation Research Centre, engaging in the study of the heart and brain blood vessel diseases to the problems of microcirculation.

Tasly International Marketing Overseas Market

Tasly spares no effort in pursuing the materialization of sharing the joy and benefits of TCM with the entire world and is committed to exploring and tapping the international market. Today, TASLY'S products are registered in Netherlands, France, Russia, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the UAE, Korea Japan, Singapore, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Canada, Libya, and South Africa, with a number of agencies and joint-venture companies have also been set up. Therefore, the marketing of health products from Tasly has successfully entered the international market.

Public Listing on Shanghai Stock Market

TASLY was successfully listed as a public company (Class A Stock) in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 8, 2002. This listing gave TASLY the opportunity to expand and to undertake faster development and further strengthened our determination and confidence in accelerating the progress of the group's activities in all aspects.